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Volume II

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During multiple visions, the Lord Jesus commissioned the author to write an eye-opening book about his crucifixion, burial, and resurrection, which produced Volume I of a three-part series and an extensive study of more than 3,500 scripture quotations and references that irrefutably proved the gospel’s one and precise message of salvation, including the eternal blessings it provides. In Volume II, the author focuses on the Savior’s sacrificial death on the cross and provide scriptural insights like none other book you may have read regarding the subject—with exception of the Bible.

In this powerful book of 304 pages, 12 chapters, 73 subtopics, and over 5,000 scripture quotations and references, readers will discover astounding truths why the apostles preached Jesus Christ and him crucified (1 Cor. 2:2), and why Satan and demons hate and fear this message and do not want any human to know (Luke 8:12; 2 Cor. 4:3-4). By understanding Jesus’ sacrificial death on the cross, you will learn of its awesome power and victory; how to unleash God’s power of salvation and blessings through his name; how to escape religion; how to attain an excellent knowledge of God and see his glory; how to possess all things given by God; how to make others spiritually rich; understand foreshadows in the Old Testament; and learn of the birthrights, blessings, and gifts of redemption.

Moreover, you will learn how to become a true disciple of Christ; know what is the suffering of the cross; how to live a victorious godly life; how to worship God through the cross; learn the evidences of salvation that brings assurance; why we need Jesus as our heavenly High Priest, how to overcome demons and generational curses; and learn of the horrors of hell and how to escape its everlasting torments. Friends, this in-depth book is must read if you are serious about God and true biblical salvation.  





About The Author

Pastor Bryan H. Smalls is an inspired Bible teacher supernaturally endowed by God with vast biblical knowledge and insight, whose ministry and profound understanding of scriptures have touched many lives among various churches for over three decades. Some have referred to him as a walking Bible because of his ability to instantly locate scriptures from Genesis to Revelation regarding a subject and teach them. More than 5,000 scripture quotations and references of this book and over 3.500 in Volume I mainly came by this supernatural endowment of the Holy Spirit. He is also a man of vast learning in church history and biblical studies. He helped pioneer and establish several churches. During multiple visions, he was commissioned by the Lord Jesus to proclaim the gospel and to write this exceptional book—read Preface and Introduction in Volume I. One key focus of his ministry is to help fulfill Matthew 24:14, Mark 13:10, and Mark 16:15. His objective is to help people discover and understand the true saving grace of our Savior based upon the gospel proclaimed in scriptures by the original apostles of Christ, and to share in-depth and life-changing insights of God’s word in easy-to-understand formats.

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