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Throughout the country we are receiving testimonies from pastors, ministers, educators, and laypersons how our books are impacting their lives and ministries. Here are a few comments regarding the True Biblical Gospel of Jesus Christ Volume I.

“This book was very exciting; it was indeed an eye opener. I thought I was very much acquainted with the Gospel of Jesus Christ after years of study; however, this book gave me an increased perception of the total Gospel. A must read “- Pastor J.W in South Carolina

''The most helpful and inspiring book on the gospel of Jesus Christ that I have ever read.''  Pastor R.A in South Carolina

"A must read for Pastors or ministers. Pastor Smalls makes it clear that Jesus death, burial and bodily resurrection met Gods TOTAL requirements for the redemption of mankind." Pastor J. L Jr. in South Carolina

"Your book is informative."  Pastor J.S in Virginia"

"In reference to "The Amazing Gospel Of Jesus Christ" by Bryan H. Smalls: I enjoyed reading the book because the information was very informative and it increased my knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I would recommend this book to anyone who is seeking to understand the true Gospel. " Minister C.S in South Carolina

"I want to thank God for using you as his vessel to get the true gospel out to the world. I am member of your ministry and have learned a lot. I thank God for what he is doing in your life." L.M in South Carolina

Wow! Wow! Wow! P.S in South Carolina


"This book is powerful."  R.S. in South Carolina

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