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Purchasing Additional Copies

 Print the following form and send with check or money order.

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           Book Purchase Order: The True Biblical Gospel of Jesus Christ

           Please fill form below and send check or money order to:

           Written Word Publications, P.O. Box 24615, Columbia, SC 29224




           Tel. No. (optional)_____________Email (optional)_________________________

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           Volume I               $10.95__                                      $ ___________

           Volume II              $10.95__           _______             $___________  

           Volume III             $10.95___         __NA___             $___NA_____

                                                              Subtotal Amount     $____________

                                                                          *Shipping    $       _________ 

             Check____ or Money Order____ Total Amount      $____________  

    Please check our online store for shipping options and rates. 
   ** Unit Price is $9.95 for the purchase of 3 books or more.

      Please make check or money order payable to Written Word Publications.

      Thank you for purchasing our book(s). Upon receipt and verification of payment,
      your order will be promptly shipped via United States Postal Services.

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