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God's Final Call

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Inspired by God to write this life-changing book, the author provides keen insight regarding God’s final call to reach fallen humanity with his salvation through Jesus Christ before judgment day, while exploring the struggles and a key reason why believers and non-believers are failing to have a personal walk with him. In this book of 112 pages, the author challenge readers to take a fresh look at their salvation through faith by way of the word “Repent.” As you will learn, “true repentance” is the missing link to many people’s walk with God.

So many people are living with dishonest and impure hearts filled with failures, guilt, shame, and regrets that eventfully lead to a disastrous end. The author was inspired to write a thought-provoking book that helps people avoid such an outcome by discovering God's mercy and love through true repentance. The author's unique approach to the subject of repentance may be different from other books you have read; it reaches people from a personal level that will assist them in drawing closer to God. 

If you are constantly failing and do not understand why you are not reaching your full potentials in Christ, you will be challenged to take a personal inventory of your life to help identify many overlooked and weak areas behind the problem. Everyone has failed God and need another chance. In this book, people will discover restoration, relationship, peace, comfort, and joy through Jesus Christ the Savior.

So then, are you spiritually hungry for more of God? Are you ready to face yourself and truly seek God with an honest and pure heart? If so, you are invited to read this powerful, eye-opening book that will help you achieve your goal.


About The Author

As a teenager, Jeffrey Williams was called by God to accept his marvelous salvation. While pursuing a career in law enforcement, having received a B.A. degree in Criminal Justice Administration, he heard the voice of God calling him into the ministry of Jesus Christ. After following the leadership of the Spirit, he became a fervent soul-winner, seeing hundreds accept Christ as Savior. At the age of twenty two, he was appointed to his first pastorate, where he spent five years; and later at his current church, where he has pastored for twenty-six years. During the course of his ministry, he could be heard over many radio stations, television networks, and outdoor crusades. His ministry has also expanded to foreign countries, having made a great impact in the nation of India through the preaching of the gospel. His vision is to travel throughout America and abroad helping churches to draw closer to God.

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