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Looking for Life-changing Books Inspired by God?

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Our books are biblically informative, powerfully written, eye-opening, soul-searching, soul-liberating, and must read.

Discover the awesome message and power of salvation through Jesus Christ, the crucified and risen Savior.

Learn of God's amazing grace. Discover keys that will  revolutionize your walk with God.

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Powerful, eye-opening  book scripturally proves the true biblical gospel of Jesus Christ, while providing compelling evidences why Satan hates, fears, and attempts to hide its truths from humanity, and why you should believe its life-changing message. Over 3,500 scripture quotations and references clearly explains the gospel's precise message of salvation  and eternal blessings through Jesus' death, burial, and resurrection. Learn More


Powerful book warns of pending doom, offers solution. Explains why God is unapproachable to unrepentant sinners and how the lack of repentance hinders many believers' walk with him. Challenges individuals to approach God with honest and pure hearts by taking serious inventories of their  lives. Learn More


Powerful, eye-opening book of more than 5,000 scripture quotations and references focus on Jesus’ sacrificial death on the cross and uncover scriptural depths perhaps like none other book you may have read regarding the subject—with exception of the Bible. Volume II of a three-part series also unveils powerful truths about the birthrights, blessings, and gifts of redemption, how to live a victorious and godly life, why we need Jesus the High Priest as our heavenly intercessor, how to break generational curses and demonic bondages, and biblical insights on the horrors of hell and how to escape. Unveils scriptural truths that Satan and demons hates, fears, and attempts to hide from humanity. Learn More

Dynamic upcoming book tells the overall gospel's story  from Genesis to Revelation from a dramatic perspective that is absolutely eye-opening and stunning. The final volume of a three-part series shows the epic battle between Jesus, the Prince of Peace, and Satan, the prince of this world; the battle between good and evil, light and darkness. Focuses on Jesus' defeat of Satan and demons through his crucifixion, death, burial, and resurrection; and their ultimate overthrow when he returns to  establish the kingdom of God on the earth. Shows the ultimate reason why Satan and demons must stop the gospel in the last days or perish forever. You will never be the same after reading this closing episode. Coming soon. Release date TBA.

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